Party DIY :: Valentine’s Day Heart Chair Backers

We’ve had several requests for a tutorial on how I made the hearts for the chair backs for our Kisses & Cupcakes Valentine’s Day photo shoot.  I had wanted to have it up on the blog several days ago but winter storms, an outbreak of the stomach flu in our house, scheduled photo shoots and the shop being crazy-busy has kept me away.  Hopefully you’ll still have enough time to whip up some Valentine holders of your own… they’re super easy and would be an adorable way to leave notes for your little ones during the week before Valentine’s Day.  Or, leave off the band and instead use the heart as a pocket to hold notes or little trinkets for spouses, grandparents or teachers!  Once I figured out how I wanted to do it, each heart only took me about 20 minutes.  Even better, they’re inexpensive at around $2 each!

Heart Pattern (Download: HeartPattern)  

12″ x 18″ sheet of red stiffened felt  (*You will need one sheet per holder)  Side note:  I looked at a lot of felt and the best I could find was at Joann’s, on sale for about $1 per sheet.  It was a lot stiffer than some of the other felt I looked at, which makes your holder more sturdy.

glitter felt (*1 sheet per holder)

white jumbo ric rac

sparkly chipboard letters

Velcro or ribbon (optional)


hot glue gun

Instructions ::

1.  Gather materials.


2.  Print out the HeartPattern.  Print one at full size, and a second one at 70%.

3.  Using the larger pattern, trace 2 hearts on the backside of the large piece of stiffened felt.  Cut out both hearts.

4.  Trace 1 heart on the backside of the smaller sparkly piece of felt and cut out.

5. You should now have 2 large hearts, and one smaller heart for the “pocket.”

6.  Hot glue ric rac along the edge of the backside of one of the large hearts.

7.  Hot glue ric rac along the edge of the backside of the smaller glittery heart.

8.  Hot glue the second large heart onto the back of the heart with the ric rac. This will help give your chair backer some stability.



9.  Center the glittery heart on top of the larger heart.  Run hot glue along the bottom and partially up the sides of the smaller glittery heart to create a “pocket.”

10.  Even thought the chipboard letters normally have a sticky back, I recommend lightly adding a little glue to help them adhere to the felt.

11-12.  The last 2 steps are optional, and depend on how you’d like your Valentine holder to hang.  We cut a strip of extra felt and affixed a little bit of Velcro to create a band that wrapped around our chairs.  Depending on the style of your chairs or if you’re planning on adding a lot of cards or candy to the pocket, you may choose to hang your Valentine holder vertically with a strip of felt or ribbon.

Happy Valentine’s Day… we hope you have lots of fun spreading the L-O-V-E!!!


Love Amy xo

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