About SmashCake Studio

Amy from SmashCake & Co.

SmashCake & Co. started the way all things should… with a whole lot of love.

Like most moms, I wanted my daughter’s first birthday to be extra special.  I had imagined something over-the-top, with oodles of pink and sparkles and ruffles and all things girly.  I scoured the internet and our local party supply store, but couldn’t find the elements I had imagined.  So I made everything:  the food, the banner, the favor bags, the decorations and a giant mural showcasing the first 12 months of Evie’s life.  For weeks I designed, cut, glued, coordinated, baked and assembled.

After the party several friends and family casually mentioned that I should do “something” with my passion for throwing parties and it was like a light went off over my head!  I would create a one-stop-shop for other busy moms and fabulous hostesses where they could easily shop for all the little pieces that make one big, beautiful party!

Fast forward several months later, and SmashCake was introduced to the world.  We opened a little shop on Etsy for a couple of months while the website was being designed, and the response we received was lovely and overwhelming  all at once.  After several weeks, I sadly realized that I couldn’t possibly maintain both shops.  BUT, we met some fab people there and I realized without a doubt that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do.  When the SmashCake website officially launched a few weeks later, I truly felt as though my dreams were coming true.

As for me, I have a degree in Organizational Communications (which basically means I love to talk) and a minor in Art.  These days you can usually find me with a camera or a cupcake in hand (sometimes both!) and chasing my in-to-everything toddler.  I live in the beautiful Midwest outside of Indianapolis with my handsome husband, 3 incredible step-kids and a couple of sweet rescue pups.

Thank you for allowing us to play a small part in helping you to “Party Fabulous”.  Please feel free to contact me anytime, and I hope you’ll send us YOUR pretty parties!  Seeing them is truly the best part of doing what we do.

Love Amy xo